Friday, February 29, 2008

I am in bliss.. thanks to Guru and God.
Not that all my desires have been met... This is HIS grace.. for when he wants to bless someone with bliss and ecstacy he can do so any time in any situation.
We cannot understand this with our logical mind, Only when we are in such a situation ourselves can we understand what i am trying to say.Its like goonge ki mithiayee.
All my desires and grievances are still there,but they have been pushed to some remote corner of my mind and i have been taken over by a blissful state. Jan nanak mushk chakoleya as if i have been sprayed with a scent of peace, bliss and calmness.
Suddenly Gurbani has come true. The state and feelings conveyed by Gurbani are becming somewhat clear to me.
I donot understand so many things but then whats the need to.....

I fail to understand what good have i done to be blessed like this. I cannot recall any... yes i have done millions of wrongs ... and still GOD has blessed me wth this. I dnot know whom to thank and how to thank. If He can do this to a 3rd class person like me,... then HE is truely marvellous

I know soon i will be lost in worldly things...taken over by jealousy, nindia, hatred, attachment, expectations, desires and all the filth. How much do I wish that this state lasts for ever in my life.... Any ways i am enjoying till it lasts with hope that it will come back soon.....